The "MONTESSORI CHILDREN SCHOOL" is a private school located in Cambrils (Tarragona). The school opened its doors in October 2000. Came from a great dream to make an active school with a curriculum flexible and open, providing an identity and style. Always trying to get the better of us and our children and so they have a memory of a very important part of our education infancia.La is based on "diversity" and we're in a multicultural society heterogenia, as currently makes up a Europe of peoples and groups that constitute it. We offer a quality guarantee for the future, and this implies, education in tolerance and respect for individuals and groups that form, try to offer a social space, complex, open and highly educational, offering:

·Comprehensive training of student

·Tuition and inclusive

• Education based on mutual respect


María Montessori said:

Ideally, the learning experience happen naturally and with pleasure at the right time for each child. "It is true we can not create genius," wrote Dr. Maria Montessori: "... we can only give each individual the opportunity to fulfill their potential for it to be a human being independent, secure and balanced."

He also wrote: "The child's work is to create the man who will become. An adult works to improve the environment in which they live, but a child works to perfect himself. "

The first goal in Montessori programming is to help every child achieve maximum potential in all life stages. The activities help develop the social, emotional, physical and cognitive development to achieve in the near future good academic results.

The entire curriculum must be submitted by specialized teachers that give the child experience joy and pleasure and it's like to learn every day and at the same time help you develop self-esteem, giving the child the experience necessary to to develop their knowledge

It is also very important to prepare the environment where the child is going to move and learn, the classroom, school supplies, teachers who provide the resources necessary for the child to work in a safe and positive environment and stimulating the general atmosphere where the child will learn has to support the educational process of each individual. The teacher and the child together must develop a relationship based on trust and mutual respect so that the child can develop their full potential, and have self-esteem and willingness to learn new things